[Free Micro Training] Scaling Up Your Service Based Business


The 6-Figure Service Provider - Challenges to Growth

So, you've launched your service-based business, you hit the "6-figure" per year income goal, and now...

You're secretly feeling a bit resentful because your quality of life has gone way down. You're constantly giving up your evenings and working on your weekends to catch up with some of your client work, just so you can keep up.

So while the income is ok, you're burning out and it's not sustainable.

This FREE 3-part micro video training series is going to give you some insights as to where you can begin using systems and automation so you can enjoy the lifestyle you want, even as your business is growing.

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1 Lessons

Introduction video

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Scale Up Your Service Based Business - Part 1

1 Lessons

Create leverage in your service based business by setting up systems, structure, and automation in your sales and marketing processes.

Scale Up Your Service Based Business - Part 2

1 Lessons

Grow your service based business beyond the scope of what you can deliver using typical customized project work using streamlined packages and programs. Systematize and automate the onboarding and delivery of these services to boost your operational efficiency and bottom line.

Scale Up Your Service Based Business - Part 3

1 Lessons

Leverage systems to help your team succeed. You can't grow an empire on your own. Tune in to hear some recommendations on how you can streamline and simplify your team support.

Improve performance with data

1 Lessons

Kristen Baker and Alison Beierlein talk about how to use data to improve business performance and get better results in less time in your business.