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You see, it may be true, that many people say they don't want a "7-figure business". They're tired of hearing the "7-figure" hype. I challenge this, and here's why...

The 6- or multi-6-figure earner, who sells their services as a solo-preneur (even if you have a part-time VA helping you), is more like a freelancer, than a business owner. And the problem with being a freelancer is, that your income hinges on YOU, and your TIME.

As a service provider, if you're not working, your income will slow down, or even come to a screeching halt.


The freelancer who makes the successful transition to a bona fide business owner is supported by systems and a small team, which means there is less risk. With the right systems and supports in place, your business will continue to hum along, even if YOU can't (for example, unexpected life emergencies, illness or injury, extended vacays, wanting to spend the summer off with your kids, caring for ageing parents, ...).

With a scalable business model, systems let you grow your business, without working harder.

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In this Insider Hub, you'll get 5 FREE, actionable resources that I use with my private Scale Society clients. These resources are simple to use but are very powerful.

  1. The SCALABLE SIGNATURE SALES VEHICLE worksheet helps you craft the vehicle that is going to get you from where you are now, to 7-figures in profitable revenue.
  2. The SCALABLE PROFIT PLANNER worksheet will help you map out your sales targets, that align with your ideal lifestyle.
  3. Using the SCALABLE SYSTEMS ASSESSMENT, you'll see which systems you have in place to help you streamline and automate your business operations, and see whether you’re actually utilizing them, or whether you need to go through and do some purging, simplifying and / or upgrading.
  4. With the SCALABLE SOP METHOD, so you can document your intellectual property, without getting bogged down or burnt out.
  5. Using the SCALABLE SENSIBILITY STEP, you will get my top recommendations on how you will make the mental leap into next-level leadership.

Sound good?

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